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Agile Coach: Magician Changing Mindset

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    Who moved my cheese? This is a constant nagging question in the corporate world. Like a Tsunami that cares for no one, change engulfs all alike. From CEO to your industry aspirant, those unprepared are washed away in the wave of emerging trends and technologies. Industry has witnessed multiple process and technological changes. Out of all the process and technological transformations the industry has gone through “Agile Transformation” has been extremely unique and difficult.
    With greatly increased success rates in software development, improved quality, speed to market Agile has been the go to stop for many companies. But why do they fail in its implementation or rather Transformation and why the concept of coach only comes with Agile?
    Agile transformation is simple, yet difficult because it’s not just a change in process. Agile is a change in: The Way We Think, The Way We Work, The Way We Collaborate. Ultimately, it’s a change in the MINDSET.
    The billion-dollar question is how do you bring in that change in “MINDSET”?
    Change should come from within and cannot be forced on people. How do we bring that change?
    An Agile Coach plays a vital role in bringing in that change in mindset. But how does the coach do it? This session is just not philosophy but provides relevant and real-time examples that audience can relate to. It describes in details the definition of coach, Agile coach, how a coach can generate insights, leading to awareness and ultimately change in mindset.

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