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Agile Mindset shift is a change or Transformation!

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    Tapasya Pathak

    While working closely with Project team to adopt agile way of working over traditional project delivery mindset. I really needed to deliberate on what change is and what are transformation?
    Change is always temporary and transformation is permanent and Agile is really something to do with real “Transformation”. One need to change daily habits rather thinking patterns of day to day small actions. When you make any small change in your life it is suggested by expert that you do it without fail for a month and then you get so habituated with it that the change becomes part of you OR rather there is no way to go back . Adopting AGILE is also something very similar, Agile way of working is just possible by changing our though process, attitude towards your style of analyzing or responding to a situation. Just following agile ceremony or using agile recommended language will not help rather transformation in thought process is necessary. Organizations and customers have really started investing in this softer but crucial aspect of agile world.

    I strongly believe, Individual, team or organization needs to work on the transformation for truly adopting or accepting AGILE!!

    Learning Objective for the ordinance:

    1. Experience sharing on
    a. Steps/actions required for adoption and Implementation of SAFe based Delivery Model till the organizations are transformed
    b. Challenges faced at Unit/Organization level in transformation process
    c. Managing Customer expectation and making them walk with us during transformation process
    2. Retrospection on readiness and change each individual or teams/Organization needs to bring for adopting Agile
    3. Leadership style change required at organization level for real transformation
    4. Acknowledging the stress and support team or unit needed, while walking towards AGILE

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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you for your talk proposal, we are happy to have you in conference.

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