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Agile Practices – The Hidden Gems … The Unknown, to be known now

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    Ajay Kabra

    Agile-Scrum has been around for about nearly 2 decades, but the understanding, adoption has been poor or really non-existent. One would see number of anti-agile patterns in the organization. Most projects and scrum masters do not adopt the agile-scrum in the right way, We are far away even from understanding the true meaning of manifesto, principles and values. An Agile Antipattern is something that at first blush seems harmless but which in practice often proves detrimental to Agile initiatives. They act as kryptonite to your healthy sense of self-organization. Agile practices are implemented badly in organisations with the symptoms that result from these “antipatterns”. Idea is to defining what is meant by antipattern: “something that looks like a good idea, but which backfires badly when applied”

    Not only is this would serve a good reminder for practicing Agilists, These patterns have been embedded in our culture for years and are excruciatingly apparent to many of us now as we try to move into the 21st century. As we re-introduce Agile & the Scrum to our folks, using these tips somehow is sobering call to for our organization to become more agile.

    This is session is not about teaching agile-scrum, but it is about implementation / transformation steps that one should follow and identify the best practices to be adopted. Most of ideas and practices would be from our experiences on the field as Scrum Masters or as Agile Coaches.

    The format of the session would be to talk about different types of tips (and mapping each tip to Manifesto), aligning them to ceremonies of agile-scrum, the concept is to think and see how each of the ceremonies of agile-scrum can be executed differently rather than a cookie-cutter approach

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    Saket Bansal

    Hi Ajay,

    Thank you for your talk proposal and we have been trying to schedule speakers video interview with organizing group. Looks like we need your support since only a few weeks left for the conference, now we have not left with time for interview, we request you to shoot your own video where you pitch your talk, provide details which are enough for one to understand what is included in the talk and what can be taken away as learning.

    Once you make the video, share it to

    we will not accept new videos beyond 4th Dec 2017.

    Also, please do share your contact number so we can call you if needed


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