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Agile Team Appraisal Process

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    Ashutosh Rai

    ·Current Appraisal Process

    o Yearly Goal

    o Yearly KRA

    o Yearly Discussion Of KRA

    o Yearly Achievement of Goal Planned a year back

    · Are we really Agile?

    · Is this the expectation from the Agile team/s?

    · How can we make appraisal process more Agile?

    o Use velocity to measure individual performance?

    § No why?

    o Produce a task matrix for every individual?

    § No Why?

    o Give ratings to teams instead of individuals?

    § No Why?

    o Handle it with Agile

    § Yes How?

    · Provide team member the vision and mission of the company

    · Create an appraisal backlog for the individual with acceptance criteria of the goal (keeping Vision and mission of the company in mind)

    o (Sample) As an individual I will try to help my team with automation KT so that every individual in the team can start writing automation tests

    o Acceptance criteria

    § KT session to the team

    § Working with the team to help them finishing test spikes

    § Helping team to understand advantage of automation

    · Have a mentor assigned to every individual and he will be the PO for the Backlog

    o As a mentor one need to help team member with all requirements

    · Mentor will have regular discussions with the team member to review and refine the backlog as required

    o This will help achieve smaller goals instead of a yearly of a quarterly goal, one can easily measure it and help to improve.

    · Keep a monthly Sprint to achieve near term goal and have it reviewed

    o Have a review cycle monthly and regular session on sprint goal achievement.

    · Assign a value to each of the goal keeping it complexity in mind

    o Provide a story point estimation with the team member for each of the goal

    · If the team member is not able to achieve a 5 pointer value goal in a sprint then do not give 8 pointer value goal in next sprint

    · Do not try to keep the same value for a similar goal for each individual (Discuss and decide)

    o Each team have a different velocity same way each individual is different.

    · Appraisal burn down/Up

    o Planned Vs Achieved

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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you for your talk proposal, we are happy to accept you as speaker.

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