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Agile Transformation and Sustainability – Destination Vs Journey

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    Vinay Krishna

    Agile adoption and transformation rate is fairly high in software development organizations, however sustainability of this transformation is a challenge. As per my experience, in most of the cases the adoption and transformation has been taken as a goal and team is being pushed to achieve that destination. However they fail to sustain this for a long term. Generally it looks like everyone is trying to maintain merely a checklist or follow a checklist of agile practices. There is nothing wrong in it (in order to find the gap), however it should not become just a decorum. In this session I’m going to discuss about how we could sustain the transformation and why it cannot be a destination rather it is a journey. I have used this approach to sustain the transformation at multiple organizations and able to get success.

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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you, what i am getting is you are planning to share some of your agile transformation learning . I am sure many of us want to hear that. Few Suggestions to make this proposal look great.
    1. Please clearly mention the key take away from the talk
    2. Please do share the structure of the talk
    3. Also share some old presentation link or video from your last talks

    Thank you.

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    Vinay Krishna

    Hi Saket – Thanks for your reply! Please find below the information and details you asked for:

    Introduction: 5 mins
    Need of Agile Adoption and Transformation: 5 mins
    Reason of failure and success: 10 mins
    What after transformation, how to sustain it: 10 mins
    Conclusion and Questions: 10 mins

    Learning Outcome:
    Understand the importance of sustainability of transformation
    Challenges to sustain the transformation
    Strategy to sustain
    Learning from case study

    One of my presentation video:

    One of my presentation slide:

    My upcoming talk:
    Global Scrum Gathering Bangalore June 2016
    goPaddle Devops Meetup Bangalore March 2016

    My previous talks:
    18th Meetup Docker Bangalore Feb 2016
    DevOps meetup Bangalore Feb 2016
    Agile Week 2015, Bangalore
    ATAGG 2015, Bangalore
    World DevOps Summit 2015, Bangalore
    XP India 2015, Bangalore
    Step-In 2015, Hyderabad
    Scrum Bangalore 13th Meetup, 2015
    Agile Kerala 2013, Trivendram
    World Architect Summit 2013 by iCMG on Agile and Architecture
    Step Auto 2013 by ISQT on Agile Best Practices
    Scrum Bangalore 7th Meetup, 2013
    ICIWE 2013, Chennai, India
    ICSEMA 2012, Chennai, India
    CONSEG 2012, Indore, India
    SATURN 2012 (Organized by SEI), Florida, USA
    Agile Scrum International Summit 2012, Bangalore
    Communiquere 2012 by Capgemini on Achieving success via agile methods, Bangalore
    INDICON 2011 (Annual IEEE Conference), Hyderabad
    CONSEG 2011, Bangalore


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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you, we are confirming your talk for Bangalore. Stay connected, for schedule related information, i would also request you to write blog on same topic which we can share here , this will help us in starting the conversation around your talk. As you are aware we will have 3 tracks, blog can help audience in selecting the right talk to attend.

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