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Contracting for Agile Development Projects

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    Even though the Agile Manifesto values customer collaboration above negotiations/contracts, contracts are especially necessary when working with external suppliers and vendors.
    Agile development project contracts are primarily diverse from the traditional software development project. Using traditional contracts for an agile development project can jeopardize the project execution and cause the organization to fail .Hence its necessary to ensure contracts are thought through to get the potential benefits of agile development.
    The purpose of my talk is to touch base upon various agile contracting models to support organizations to revolutionize their contracting models, reduce risk and get more benefits out of adopting Agile development.
    Structure of the Session
    • Purpose and Contents of Contract
    • Criteria for Evaluating Agile Contracts
    • Contracting for agile projects using various contract forms(Variable Scope, Fixed Scope, Variations)
    • Contracting for agile projects – some key aspects
    • Questions & Answer
    It will be an interactive session along with understanding audience view and experience on agile contracts
    Learning Outcome & Take Away
    – Awareness of different contract forms
    – How different contract forms work with Agile Development. And its Do’s and Don’ts in Agile Development
    Target Audience
    Executives, Managers, Leaders, Developers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Product Managers, Tech Leads

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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you for your talk proposal, we are happy to have you as speaker.

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