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    DevOps is not a person or a task or a defined role. It is a transition of mindset and culture which ensures collaboration to build better quality software quickly and reliably. Agile and DevOps can no longer exit is Silos. They need to have a strong partnership for overall success as we move towards cloud.

    Its more of 3 key points

    1. Collaboration of People

    2. Convergence of Process

    3. Creation & Exploitation of To o l s

    We have been working in DevOps model for last 2 years. Would share the transitioning challenges and gaps. Also the first hand experience on

    – How the culture and thought process got transitioned.

    – Quality and metrics details

    – How tools supported this collaboration
    – What were the fallouts and retrospectives

    Our next vision to improve it further and move towards chatOps.

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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you for your talk proposal, we are accepting it for session, since you have more than one talk, we will take final call of talks based on slots availability.

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