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Design Thinking + Agile enables effective collaboration across teams

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    Given the goal and problem statement, we knew from the onset that the focus of the project was about understanding customer needs and challenges, and creatively finding the best solutions to meet those needs. With development and test team spread across geographically, it was destined that we needed a strategy that will create a common understanding between teams and help the team to deliver a better quality product. Design Thinking a user centered approach clubbed with Agile principles enabled both Development and Quality teams to empathize with users through observation and feedback early in the design cycle to build the best possible prototype, and then expects to refine and iterate through testing.
    Hills turn user needs into project goals, helping teams to align around common understanding. Hills were composed of

    WHO (a specific user or group of users)
    WHAT (a specific action or enablement)
    WOW (a measurable, a market differentiator)

    At the heart of Design Thinking is a behavioral model for understanding users’ needs and a continuous loop of observing, reflecting and making. Three examples of how Hills can be composed will be demonstrated where user needs are understood thoroughly. Using a collaborated work space (Mural) we documented the stories.
    Team came up with a set of hills that are targeted towards specific client use cases. Each hill is developed in an iterative fashion and demonstrated to clients. Design thinking is used for prototyping and testing, allows us to track progress, iterate quickly and provide feedback on rate of completion to the client. Refine and iterate agile principles helped the team to quickly adapt the solutions to new requirements. A key aspect of the agile development is the focus on continuous integration, test and validation and the team adapted the same.

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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you for your talk proposal, we are happy to accept it for this session.

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