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Is nature agile?

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    Operating in the agile paradigm is fundamentally all about delivering incremental progress and improvising it iteratively in business-time based on the usage feedback. Considering the nature of software development as still fundamentally cognitive, it further requires a highly efficient team sociology. While it makes sense to work this way, it might be interesting to explore if similar patterns exist elsewhere in nature, and if yes, how effective have they been?

    In this talk, we shall take a look at the Mother Nature and discuss how these most elementary patterns have already been perfected by billions of years of evolutionary biology and sociology of animals. The key takeaways from the talk will include a deeper understanding of agile philosophy and a metaprocess, which will help practitioners build a much more pragmatic view of how to establish agility from the first principles.

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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you for your talk proposal , we are happy to have you in our conference.

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