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Preferred Habits of Leaders in an Agile Organization

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    Summary :
    As organizations adopt Agile practices and try to realize the value of an Agile mindset, they struggle in influencing the larger and broader organization.
    Large organizations have habits that are built over time and embedded in the culture and can serve as an autonomic defense mechanism against change. Realizing this and addressing it is vital to moving everyone towards the agility. I will share some key highlights of how we are approaching this organizational challenge as we improve our overall maturity in being nimble, responsive and building a value based culture

    Outline/structure of the Session
    Problem Statement:
    Organizational Culture and Habits can negatively impact Agile transformation.
    Identify Habits and create a multi layer program to identify, educate, practice and reinforce these habits.
    Identify Preferred Habits – Input from the Agile journey and Organizational Direction to hone in on our Desired Behaviors
    Messaging Why – Communication to Leaders and Managers on the need of preferred habits and the Outcome
    Hands on Workshop – F2F interactive sessions creating powerful A-Ha moments
    Commitment – Creating Ownership in practicing these openly
    Support Structure – Core Team support to provide coaching and help the practitioners of these habits
    Scaling – Scale this by organic growth as well as selective adoption with-in the organization for maximum traction
    Learning Outcome
    How to orient management and leadership to habits that enable agility?
    How to provide support and an environment for these habits to become sticky?
    Target Audience
    Enterprise Agile Coaches, First Level, Middle and Senior Management, Agile Transformation Champions, Agile Transformation Governance Leads

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