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Project Leaders, Be Aware of Agile Cocktail

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    Saket Bansal

    In fast changing world business expects projects producing faster results and at the same time, operational requirements keep changing frequently. This environment has created demand for flexible project management approaches. As a result, we see a rise in the adoption of Agile-based methods.

    Many recognize Agile as a means of doing software development where Agile is more a mindset, a mindset which is open for growth, exploration and changes. The role of project leader also has to adapt to new way of doing things since agile is not just a process but way of achieving business results faster.

    In this talk, I am addressing how the role of leader (many time called Project Manager) changes while working with agile. The management style which was working in traditional life cycle may not work in current agile based project life cycles. If we mix the predictive life cycle planning and monitoring approach to adaptive life cycle execution, we usually end up creating a deadly cocktail.

    Delegates will take away the following:
    • Awareness of anti-Pattern where only doing is agile, planning and monitoring are still traditional
    • Awareness of consequences of agile – traditional cocktail
    • Practical insights into agile leadership
    • Practical ideas for the development of Agile leadership style

    Outline/structure of the Session

    The delivery approach will be one of storytelling and to engage the audience with powerful questions during the session. I will follow structure like below
    1. Why organizations are moving towards agility
    2. What is agility for project leader
    3. How leaders play critical role in achieving agility
    4. How Agility Initiative fails when leaders fails to change to support agile based approach
    5. What leader should adapt to make it work?
    6. Tips for leaders to practice Agile Leadership.
    7. Close and Q&A

    Learning Outcome
    – Understanding Role of Project Leader in fast changing environment
    – Knowing changes which a project leader needs to bring in his / her approach to work with new environment
    – Knowing consequences of only changing the project life cycle without changing the leadership style.

    Target Audience
    Executives, Managers, Leaders, Developers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Product Managers, Tech Leads

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