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Scrum works! Really!

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    Santosh Shaastry

    Scrum has been a leading Agile framework for a decade now. Definitely speaks volumes of the simplicity in it’s design.

    We have seen and heard of many organizations that build software which adopt Scrum and their success stories.

    I would like to present a case study outside software development, in our day-day life, where I applied ScrumBan and how it led to an amazing improvement in the quality of life.

    In this presentation, I would explain how our apartment complex used to be managed earlier. And how after I brought in Scrum methodology, we achieved many milestones in the last 3 months. I would also present the challenges we faced and provide tips on how to overcome those.

    Structure of the talk

    • Introduction: 2 mins
    • Situation earlier: 5 min
    • Adopting Scrum – how?: 8 min
    • Challenges – what?: 10 min
    • Turnaround & Automation: 8 min
    • Taliored ceremonies: 5 min
    • Results : 5 min
    • Q&A : 2 min
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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you for your talk, we are happy to accept it for conference.

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