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    Vishal Prasad

    Agile Principle # 12 defines that at regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly. From Scrum to Kanban and other agile frameworks, this is accomplished through retrospectives and continuos improvement processes. The key to being a successful agile practitioner is to identify areas of improvement and then experiment ways of improving it. But it doesn’t stop there; positive improvements ultimately become success stories for other teams and motivates them to experiment with newer ideas which eventually leads to innovation. A negative outcome isn’t bad either since it adds to the experience of situations where ideas may not apply. Thus the key to this process lies in being a child, an explorer, and inculcate an experimentation mindset. The SLICE framework addresses this in the following way:

    • S hare: Share an area of improvement
    • L earn: Explore the area for ways of improvement
    • I mplement: Search & apply the learning to identify the success factors
    • C ollateral: Publish blogs, white papers, presentations, etc. as observations of the implementation
    • E xpansion: Grow, Seed, and Split in order to expand learning to new venues

    In this workshop, I create an environment that inculcates an experimentation mindset and utilise the SLICE framework to drive the exploration.

    Type of session: 45 min interactive workshop

    My biography:
    Vishal Prasad – Agile Coach, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Software Engineer, and an Intrapreneur; based in India.

    I started off my IT career in 2008 and was introduced to hands-on agile software development in 2012. This is when I took up the role of a Business Analyst and acted as the Proxy Product Owner for my client. Since then agile has been an integral part of my career and I’ve grown to play multiple roles including that of an Agile Coach.

    After a successful take-off of my agile career, it was time for me to give back to the community and with this notion in mind, I began volunteering for various events hosted by multiple agile groups, details of which can be found on my website.

    Agile has become my passion through which I’ve grown from a practitioner to a coach and although I don’t know what’s stored for me in the future, I’m pretty sure it’s good.

    My speaking engagements: Please click here

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    Vishal Prasad


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