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The top 5 problems with distributed agile and how to solve them

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    Abstract: Based on 10 years distributed agile experience, Hugo’s distilled 5 core problems in distributed teams. To find solutions, he’s gathered data from hundreds of practitioners and wrote 6 books about remote teams. In this talk, he will share how leadership can scale agile with distributed teams. And he’ll give practical solutions for teams to collaborate better across culture and timezones.

    Presentation Description: I will share the top 5 problem areas I’ve identified, supported by real life examples gathered recently during workshops I run. I will then share ideas on how to solve them. For top level, I will share how agile supports distributed collaboration and how leadership can scale agile with teams spread geographically. Then I’ll move on to sharing dozens of practices I’ve seen distributed teams apply succesfully. To facilitate the discussion inside the organization, I’ve developed the distributed team canvas.

    I will dive deeper into the Distributed team canvas and share best practices in each of the blocks. I will present cases from larger companies and compelling practices that can be applied directly. The four themes I will dive into deeply are: cultural differences and how to bridge them effectively. Process and how to apply agile methodologies to a distributed setting. Team spirit: how to build a true feeling of ‘one team’ across distance, time and culture. And how to effectively measure performance, using a structured framework.

    Key learning outcomes:

    * How to use agile effectively with distributed teams
    * Leadership practices to facilitate global teams
    * What are common pitfalls and solutions in managing distributed teams
    * Learn methods and tools that can help your distributed team work better
    * Learn how to collaborate smoothly across culture, distance and time

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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you for your talk proposal, we are adding it in our conference .

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