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What is Workplace Happiness? Does Scrum Keep us Happy?

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    With the increase in population that separates ‘work’ from ‘life’, as if work is absence of life, it becomes increasingly important to study about what happiness means to people at work, so that they can be made to feel alive in their offices too. This session is aimed at introducing two interesting research studies that aimed to do just that. Also, this session helps people understand if Scrum keeps us happy in the true sense.

    The two studies that this session will discuss about are as follows:

    1. Richard M. Ryan et al’s Self Determination Theory – led to a book Drive by Dan Pink
    2. Mihaly’s Measurement of Flow in Everyday’s life – led to book Flow by Mihaly himself

    This session does not just explain these two research works but also will find the commonalities between these and will engage the audience with discussions using leading questions, thereby bringing out personal examples that they can relate to.

    Outline/structure of the Session

    Introduction – 1 min
    Definition of Happiness – Is it the same for all? – 2 min
    Hidden meaning behind the term ‘Work-Life Balance’ – 2 min
    What motivates us at work? – 3 min
    Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation – 4 min
    Self-Determination Theory – Intrinsic Motivation – 5 min
    When do we feel engaged at work? – 3 min
    State of Flow – Mihaly’s Point of View – 5 min
    How can you induce Flow conditions at work? – 4 min
    Does Scrum keep us happy? – 8 min
    Q&A – 8 min

    Learning Outcome

    By attending this session, the audience will walk-away with an understanding of the following.

    A self-made definition of what happiness means to oneself
    Self-Determination Theory: Differences between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation
    How to derive intrinsic motivation at work?
    Flow: The happy state of flow
    How to induce conditions that bring about flow?
    How Mihaly’s work co-incides with Self determination theory in all three dimensions – Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose
    How can I make myself and others engaged and happy at my office?

    Target Audience

    Any Human Being who has been to a workplace before

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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you for your talk proposal, we are happy to accept you for this event.

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