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Why lot of people do not embrace Agile: Does it really work

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    Deepti Mittal

    When there are so many theories and research data is available which talks about how Agile practices have been useful to make any particular project successful, there are good number of people in industry who still take Agile as burden.

    Lot of people which have been in projects using scrum and SAFE frameworks for 2-3 years still feel traditional waterfall methods were more successful in delievering value to customers.

    Lately I have been discussing with people playing roles in Agile projects like Managers, product owners, scrum master, architect, tech lead, developer, testers, Agile coach, program managers, General manager asking 3 questions:

    1. What were the key things which they did not like while adopting Agile and
    2. How did those concern got addressed.
    3. If there are still certain things which they do not like.

    Some of the issues/concerns which came out are pretty general and I believe lot of people across industry still be having those concerns which are not getting addressed or people who are working towards Agile transformation do not know how to even bring it to surface to address them.

    My talk would be focused on more towards these 3 questions and talking about proposing solutions which some of the Agile coaches suggested me.

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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you for your talk proposal, please also share structure of your talk, if possible do share some of the existing presentations or videos delivered by you.

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    Deepti Mittal

    Outline/structure of the Session
    1. Introduction and talk about my research – 5 min
    2. Discussing top 5 concerns people have about Agile, how those got addressed – 20 mins
    3. QA -5 mins

    Learning outcomes of this talk.
    How to address common concerns while adopting Agile

    Target Audience
    Product owner ,Scrum Master ,Leadership team

    I have not given any talk in outside forum till now but 2 years back I wrote the blog on similar topic and it was quite popular.

    As the blog is in internal company site so I cannot share the link but if you can let me know how to pass on the file, I can do that.

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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you , we are happy to have you as speaker, please try writing another blog for us in public, you can put the same here, please connect with Piyali@izenbridge.com for blog.

    We are accepting your talk

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