SAFe® 4.0 PI Planning Simulation (Free Workshop exclusively for Discuss Agile Attendees) – Discuss Agile

SAFe® 4.0 PI Planning Simulation (Free Workshop exclusively for Discuss Agile Attendees)

Temenos+Agility is a Scaled Agile Inc. SPCT gold partner with 5 SPCTs that Train and Certify professionals like you all around the world. You can read about our Enterprise Agility & Transformation Advisory on our website

Join us for our half day workshop at Discuss Agile (New Delhi) on PI Planning

Workshop Schedule and Curriculum

The Workshop starts on Sunday, Sep 4th2016 at 2:00pm

1. Create draft plans –­ Release Planning and Simulation Overview, Identify Program Roles, Identify Team Names and Roles, Calculate Team Velocity, Select the Feature for your Team, Release Planning Briefings ­The RTE facilitates the Release Planning Event and kicks off the briefings! The Executive, Product Manager, System Architect and Development Manager conduct their briefings to the entire Agile Release Train. Then we will Setup the team area, Team Breakout #1, Scrum of Scrums (SoS), Draft Plan Review and Management Review and Problem Solving.

2. Finalize plans –­ Day 2 Release Planning, Make Planning Adjustments, Team Breakout #2, Setting Business Value, Program Board ­ Feature Delivery, Dependencies and Milestones


3. Review and commit –­ Final Plan Review, Building the Final Plan, Addressing Program Risks, Manage Program Risks, Confidence Votes: Team and Program, Run a Planning Meeting Retrospective, RTE Take­a­way: Integrated PI Objectives Finally Simulation Debriefing

Participants can avail a special Discount of INR10,000/­for On-­Spot Registration of Implementing SAFe® w/ SPC Certification Workshop in New Delhi

We are here to help you and if you would like to learn more please Email us to learn how to take your career to the next level.
Don’t forget to Save The Date for our SAFe® SPC 4.0 certification workshop which will be held at New Delhi, India(Sep 27 – Sep 30, 2016)


1. Susan Gibson (CSPO, SPCT4) – From Developer to Management Consultant, and pioneering Agile Transformation Coach and SAFe® Consultant to Temenos Facilitator, Susan is a prolific SPC Trainer and travels the world training SPC students. Susan works with Fortune 500 companies using Agile and Temenos to activate change and true cultural transformation.

2. Siraj Sirajuddin (MBA, SPCT4) – Siraj has provided excellent change management coaching and leadership to large and medium sized organizations from all over the globe. He is the founder of Temenos Vision Labs. He was deeply involved in the Enterprise Agile and SAFe adoption at a Fortune 50 bank in Richmond VA. Siraj is also an expert / student of Systems Thinking / Learning Organizations, People Dynamics, Transactional Analysis, MBTI, FIRO(B), Element B, Leadership & Motivation and Team Building. He hosts and organizes the venerable annual STIA+ Conferences now in its 25th year.

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