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Abhigya’s experience at the Regional Scrum Gathering Hyderabad 2019

A Great Experience

March 29-30, 2019 was an amazing experience, when I got to join the Regional Scrum Gathering India, which took place in Hotel Trident at Hyderabad,  with such inspiring keynote speakers, spectacular audiences, remarkable talks, open space and lots of learning, where, I, myself presented a talk on ‘Agile for All: Transformation Journey of a Telco’. Thanks to the organizers, iZenbridge and Discuss Agile Network for arranging such an extraordinary and a successful event of the year.

The Good

Both the days were full of learning. Specially, from Keynote Speaker, Peter Stevens, where the importance of Personal Agility was emphasized, which really made me think about the various ways by which I could discover my own Personal Agility.

The open space allowed a great means for learning more about the topics that interested you.

I was bewildered to hear the story of Sangeeta S Bahl who scaled Mt. Everest at the age of 53, being the oldest lady to have scaled the tallest peak of the world. Her story about how she failed for the first time while trying to scale Everest, and her determination on attempting for the second time and succeeding with her meticulous efforts got my goose bumps.

Similarly, the statement from the Guinness World Record holder, Verna van Schaik, saying ‘You can’t follow. You can adapt’, made me think about the my own ways for adopting personal agility and figuring out what is important to me, and how could I achieve it, if I knew I couldn’t fail, and I had to achieve my goal.

Key Takeaways

  • Importance of Personal Agility- stated by Peter Stevens/ Sangeeta S. Bahl/ Verna van Schaik
  • Practice techniques to change habits or taking on new ones- by Amir Peled
  • Innovative and interesting ways of doing retrospectives. Understand what technique/game would best suit your team, based on the sprint/release outcome- by Satya Jyoti Yellapantula
  • Scrum Mastery journey map- by Chandan Lal Patrey

Great Moments


Overall, it was a great experience for me, where I thoroughly enjoyed the 2- day event. It was a great networking experience, where I got an opportunity to connect with many Agile Practitioners and experts from various parts of the globe. The talks were really informative and insightful. The conference was truly international, and not to forget the good ambiance and lovely Hyderabadi food. Hats off to the organizing committee. I would look forward to attending such conferences in future.

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