Agile Coffee Meet-up (Pune) – “Agile Metrics (part 2)” – Discuss Agile

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Agile Coffee Meet-up (Pune) – “Agile Metrics (part 2)”

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Some really great discussion around Velocity, Story Points and estimation.
Some exchange of views around the (in)effectiveness of Story Points and Velocity.
Some insights around the flow-based metrics like Feature Time, which are preferred over Velocity in some cases.
Lots of arguments and debate around estimations in Agile projects.

In short, this sums up our meet-up on Agile Metrics (part 2). Wish we could continue longer.
Thanks to Ankush Bhatia and Ashish Pathak for making the Saturday evening so thought provoking!

Stay Agile, Stay happy! 🙂
(Till we meet again for our next meet-up.)

P.S.: No video this time!

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  1. I missed this because of some emergency personal work…Nice discussion.

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