Meetup on Agile Metrics – Pune – Discuss Agile

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Meetup on Agile Metrics – Pune

Saturday the 18th April 2015 was a day full of meetups and discussing Agile in various forums. I switched role between a participant and a host during the day. In either case, it was ultimately serving the same objective, that is keep on sharing and learning.

“Agile metrics”! This is certainly one of the most talked about (if not THE MOST) topics in Agile circles. In most of my workshops, I get a lot many questions around Agile metrics to be used. Is capturing Agile metrics not in line with the Agile Manifesto and Principles? And so on. This was a good enough motivation for me to organize a meetup to Discuss on Agile Metrics.

Today, it was a diversified group of participants with representations from process consulting group, a young start-up owner, some serious experience in Agile Program Management and Agile developers.

What is metric? It was important to have a common understanding of the definition of a metric, and how does it help in managing projects or assessing performance. Thankfully, this was a quick and relatively easy one. 🙂 And helped us warm-up to what ideas were coming next.

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“A metric is a measurement

that provides us with

information towards

taking some decisions.

Moving away from output based metrics to outcome based metrics in Agile. Our primary outcome in Agile is to deliver value to customer, and deliver it fast. We need to measure how close our developed software is to achieving the business objectives. So the achievement of Business Objectives achieved should be considered as the primary metric to be used on Agile projects.

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Another key point discussion was on the other objective of Agile – Continuous Improvement. Velocity trend is certainly a great indicator of how a team is improving iteration by iteration. Velocity is a metric which includes all other aspects of a team performance. Velocity along with the Agility Index for the Agile team.

Even before we could get into the specifics of the effective Agile Metrics being used in the industry, we realized that it was time. I should have planned for a longer duration. I could clearly see that all of us wanted to carry on the interesting discussion. So the verdict was to have a follow-up meetup to continue on the discussion on Agile Metrics.

In all, it was a great meet-up on Discuss Agile. It was a good appetizer for the next meetup on Discuss Agile -> Agile Metrics – Part 2. I will be sending out the schedule of the next meetup pretty soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. Great discussion on Agile Metrics…Registered for Part 2 to discuss further on this topic:)

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