An Introductory SAFe Agilist Certification workshop, Bangalore – Discuss Agile

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An Introductory SAFe Agilist Certification workshop, Bangalore

We had a wonderful experience delivering SAFe Workshop in Delhi. It was great to see such different professionals joining us and participating full sing. We are really grateful for making it such a success. Eventually we have been receiving quite a demand for SAFe Bangalore from our friends out there.

Thus, we organized a half day event on SAFe Bangalore on November 23rd at Richmond Town.

SAFe meetup

What is ‘Scaling Agile’ and how much impact does it really have in the business enterprises with bigger project teams?  We aimed, with this workshop m, to make professionals understand the meaning and purpose of SAFe and how to manage it with upcoming challenges in the industry.

Saket Bansal, our chief spokesperson begins with a brief overview and description of ‘Scaled Agile’ and how its implementation different from small team agile. We held an interesting group discussion on various Agile Principles and which of them are scalable.

Agile Principles

SAFe Big Picture was introduced to all the participants giving the future perspective of scaling agileVis-à-vis their workflow.

There was an interactive Q & A session encompassing all the possible queries related to SAFe and ‘Scaling agile.’ This is the sneak peek into the session for your perusal-

  • How is agile used in SAFe?
  • How can we achieve program level working software every two weeks?
  • How Safe is different from Existing Scrum approach?
  • How Product Management is different from Product Owner?
  • Which Certification of Safe is appropriate for whom?
  • How SAFe can be implemented in Service Organization?

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