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Author: Jayanthi Srinivasan

Create a STEP towards Agility by MAPS

Today, most of the organizations are moving towards Agile as the benefits are being realized. Though Agile awareness and values are known to the Senior Management and Sponsors, the adaptability path has always been a challenge. In addition, the starting point of moving to Agile also has been an area of concern. Unless we measure and analyze the adaptability, climbing upwards and maturing towards A...

OPERA – An Agile Transformation Framework

Today we are sailing in the journey of transforming ourselves from our Traditional frameworks to Agile (Scrum, XP, Kanban, Hybrids, and Scaling Frameworks). Since any Agile Framework has a collaborative approach with Customer, the transformation approach depends on the Customer, People, Processes and Tools. How do we convince our Customers on Transformation? Let us first categorize our Customers b...

Dependency Management in Scrum

Overview Dependencies are relationships between functional units and tasks which drive the sequence of functional flow of execution. There are several programs with external dependencies as well. Dependencies, if not handled the right way, leads to chaos and blockers during execution of the end product. In Scrum, the Product Backlog the main planning tool consists of user stories with acceptance c...

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