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Author: Piyali

Discussagile Conferences in Year 2016

Wish you all a great 2016 ahead!! The year 2015 was a great combination of learning and networking. We did many online and offline events, among which there were 3 conferences with huge success. Delhi2015 was held on 13th – 14th June 2015 and Discuss Agile Day Hyderabad and Discuss Agile Day Pune was held on 21st November and 22nd November 2015. We had an opportunity to listen from internati...

An Introductory SAFe Agilist Certification workshop, Bangalore

We had a wonderful experience delivering SAFe Workshop in Delhi. It was great to see such different professionals joining us and participating full sing. We are really grateful for making it such a success. Eventually we have been receiving quite a demand for SAFe Bangalore from our friends out there. Thus, we organized a half day event on SAFe Bangalore on November 23rd at Richmond Town. What is ...

Discuss Agile Fundamentals – A Meetup for Agile Minds!

In another endeavor of learning and knowledge sharing, members of Discuss Agile Network gathered to discuss about agile. The Meetup was held at YMCA Delhi on Saturday, 27th September, 2014, 10 am to 1 pm. I facilitated the event as a master of ceremony and introduced our esteemed speakers and guests to all the attendees. Many agile practitioners and aspirants participated in the discussion, while ...

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