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Author: Saket Bansal

Experts Interview Series: Talking with Sunil on Role of an Agile Consultant

In our recent expert interview we invited Sunil Mundra, working with Thoughtworks as an Agile Evangelist, with extensive experience in consulting with organizations on the path of Agile Adoption/Transformation. We selected a topic around role of agile consultant for Sunil because Sunil himself works as a consultant to many companies and help them in being agile. Our community was having good numbe...

Introductory Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe) Workshop

In our previous Meetups we had a small session on Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), many of our members requested to have one detailed overview session on SAFe, and Scaled Program Consultant (SPC) Certification. I organized SAFe Introduction session at the YMCA, Delhi. The session began with looking at the definition of scaling agile, does it mean multiple people working on one product or is it more ...

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