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Author: Sanjay Kumar

TDD – The Discipline of Better Coding

“A team of smart committed individuals will almost always deliver working software,” someone shared this piece of wisdom with me long ago. While there is good amount of truth in this statement, especially regarding the ‘working’ part, I have often wondered if that working software will be maintainable too. What if one such smart developer likes to code using bulky classes and long methods? In my f...

Agile Group Meetup in Delhi

If you have browsed through software jobs on a job portal recently, there would be little doubt that Indian software industry has decided to embrace Agile development processes with arms wide open. Software companies of all sizes are looking for professionals with Agile experience, and being a certified Agile professional (CSM, PMI, SAFe, etc.) is sure to strengthen your case. When I heard about t...

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