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Author: Santosh Shaastry

Can you really be Agile without XP practices?

Keeping with the tradition of discuss agile meet-ups, Sanjay, the host, welcomed the participants and it began with the introduction of all the participants. The overall agenda was to understand how XP (eXtreme Programming) practices help in becoming and being Agile by identifying the benefits of XP practices. So, we were first asked to list down some reasons why organizations adopt Agile as a dev...

Sharing of Kanban/Scrumban practices

Discuss Agile scrum user community organized a meet up to discuss and share Kanban practices. It all began with the host, Saket, welcoming the participants and providing an overview of the topic. The three teams (of 5-7 members each) right away dived in to writing down the Kanban practices in their respective organizations. The outcome of this group activity was supposed to identify questions on t...

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