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Agile Coffee Meet-up (Pune) – “Agile Metrics (part 2)”

Some really great discussion around Velocity, Story Points and estimation. Some exchange of views around the (in)effectiveness of Story Points and Velocity. Some insights around the flow-based metrics like Feature Time, which are preferred over Velocity in some cases. Lots of arguments and debate around estimations in Agile projects. In short, this sums up our meet-up on Agile Metrics (part 2). Wi...

Meetup on Agile Metrics – Pune

Saturday the 18th April 2015 was a day full of meetups and discussing Agile in various forums. I switched role between a participant and a host during the day. In either case, it was ultimately serving the same objective, that is keep on sharing and learning. “Agile metrics”! This is certainly one of the most talked about (if not THE MOST) topics in Agile circles. In most of my workshops, I get a ...

Scaling Agile Meetup in Pune

I recently held a meet-up to discuss about the challenges on Scaling Agile and what options we have to overcome these challenges. There was a wide range of Agile experience in the forum – from beginners to highly experienced Agile folks. It’s always good to have fresh legs as well as some grey hair in such forums. 🙂 The primary agenda of the discussion was the 12 principles of Agile Manifesto, and...

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