Lecture on Lean Startup and Agile at ABES Engineering College – Discuss Agile

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Lecture on Lean Startup and Agile at ABES Engineering College

iZenBridge offers Agile and Scrum Learning approved by the Scrum Alliance. We have been delivering PMI-ACP® Trainings, workshops, and webinar and recently expanded our training services in Scrum.

ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad recently organized an Entrepreneurship Awareness Program this month from August 11- 13, 2014 under DST-NIMAT Project in Collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad.

iZenBridge had its first breakthrough in bringing Lean and Agile to college students through this event. It was an exhilarating moment for me to deliver Lean and agile lecture to Computer engineering and MBA students. I could see many inquisitive faces in front of me ready to be Agile with Agile! It’s great to see the youth and future of our country to see so hungry for learning and aspire for lean organizational structures.

I begin by asking students questions related to what they have learnt in their Software Engineering course. Most of them had a fair idea what is Waterfall which made me introduce them to Lean Startup.

I always prefer to engage my audience in a mutual interaction. This is how I have designed my PMI-ACP® Trainings and Agile & Scrum Learning services. As the norm is, I asked my audience, provided they be given an opportunity to build a job portal how much time would it take them to do so? A guess estimate came around average of 5 years duration.

The discussion grew intense and we together dig into the details of the intricacies of a Startup

Some of the interesting concerns that surfaced included:

• What problems one faces at the onset and even during a startup?
• How does one survive the startup complications?
• Problem list including lack of funding, lack of marketing skills for the product,
difficulties in attracting and engaging customer, etc.

All these questions and concerns made a good base for the presentation on Lean Startup.

I further explained them what is the importance of feedback loops and why small batch size is considered important for the survival of Lean Startup.

At iZenBridge, we aim towards building lean work models to improve and further increase productivity. With this, I concluded the Lecture on Lean Startup and Agile.

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