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Active Product Management

Many Organizations over the past few years have embraced agile and have experienced good results. But, even after a successful transition to agile, organizations that are into development of very complex and huge products – often involving multiple teams – still face difficulty in releasing software to customers per committed deadlines. Planning and managing the release of complex products to the satisfaction of stakeholders has become a big challenge for Product Owners and the Product Management teams.

To overcome this difficulty with big releases of complex products, to minimize the risks involved, an alternative approach of ‘breaking the entire release into small increments’ is being adopted in many Organizations successfully with good results.

Active Product Management is about focusing more on the active backlog items, i.e., items planned for the shorter increment rather than focusing on the complete backlog set planned for the whole release. Potentially Shippable Increment (PSI) can be simply defined as a small release where the timeline, resources and the quality levels in terms of the release criteria are fixed and scope is the only changing parameter.

In my session at ‘Discuss Agile Day'(Hyderabad) on Nov 21, we will discuss the general problems with the traditional way of doing release planning and how “Active Product Management” can reduce the risks in delivering the commitments.

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