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Meetup on Agile Coaching

On first of May 2015, I along with few of my friends from CSM batch attended the Agile coaching meet-up organized by Discuss Agile group and was hosted by SekharBurra
It was a great interactive discussion at Coffee Day Mindspace, which lasted for around 2 hours.

SSekhar Burra agile coaching

Sekhar is a Certified Scrum Coach (third CSC from India) and with his expertise as coach he has provided us good insight on what an Agile coach’s responsibilities and challenges will be and how an agile coach can transform a company from traditional, so called waterfall model to follow agile principles.

We discussed on various topics like:

1. How a scrum master can transform into a good coach by experience, and through continuous learning? A scrum master can get the first-hand experience on coaching and mentoring by coaching the scrum team.

2. The advantage of implementing agile framework with experienced Agile Coach instead of inexperienced scrum or agile enthusiast.

3. Team building instead of individual recognition, to bring the team members closer and increase the collaboration.

4. Importance of top management’s involvement, support and commitment for successful agile integration, without their support it would be very challenging for a coach to transform a team into an agile team.

5. Focus on value of effort instead of utilization, the team should be coached in such a way that with every effort they bring some value to the project. Measure the time spent in terms of value brought to the business, when we say we have spent 100 hours on the project then we should be able to translate these number of hours to something that delivers value.

6. Importance of self-organized development teams. We are moving away from a traditional project manager framework wherein project manager is responsible for success/failure of the project. In Agile everyone has their responsibilities and is accountable for tasks assigned to them.

7. It is not a good practice to assign additional roles to scrum master such as part of development team.

8. We also discussed about the agile manifesto and had a little quiz on the same.

9. Career path for Scrum Masters, how we can take scrum from team to enterprise level? We also discussed the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for scaling up scrum methodologies from Product/Project level to Organization level, and the process to get certified as a SAFe agilest.

10. Failure of agile frameworks in fixed bid projects and the importance of customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

11. Shekar also guided us on how to work towards CSP certification.

12. We also discussed a little on the Kanban approach.

13. Approaching agile framework as common sense instead of jargons and terms.

Sekhar also explained about his experiences as agile coach and his career path from a developer to a CSC, the difficulty of levels of interviews for CSC.

There is an upcoming Google Hangout session by Sekhar on 15th May 2015, which we can register at I look forward for more and more meet-ups in future and would like to thank Shekar and team for organizing such a successful one.

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