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Agile Estimation and Conflict Resolution

These days, the IT market is so volatile that we can’t hold our ideas for long. If you have a good idea, better start working on it today. Besides timing, the other important thing is Adaptive Planning – start with bare minimum and make your project evolve over time. And, agile estimation is an important component of Adaptive Planning. Traditional project management approach to estimation is time consuming as it requires detailed planning to be done and the plan may go through several levels of approval before it comes to the execution team – who may often end up taking a different approach, causing a whole lot of confusion and chaos.

Agile estimation is a useful approach when such changes are common, a tendency seen in most of the software projects these days. Agile estimation technique brings the entire team together under one roof and estimation is arrived at by consensus, with an aim to minimize conflict and chaos during project execution.

Conflict is an inevitable part of project process, and while we can attempt to avoid it we cannot eliminate conflict completely. If looked at positively, conflict may often bring an opportunity for improvement too. Agile conflict management strategy guides the scrum masters and product owners to respond to the conflict according to the level or severity of the conflict.

I will be discussing this topic in detail in my upcoming session in Discuss Agile Day on 21st November in Hyderabad. This class is going to be very interactive and participants will get hands on experience in resolving a conflict situation and estimating features using both traditional and Agile approach.

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