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Meeting the Challenges of Agile Principles

It is common sense that impediments slow down the progress of an agile team, yet it is not uncommon team members don’t report any impediments during the daily scrum. How many times you have seen this happening? Almost every day, right?

‘The hardware or environment is not available’, ‘the build is broken for the last 2 days’, ‘IT has not yet procured required hardware’ – aren’t these very common issues? So, why team members don’t highlight impediments? Is it due to their inability to think proactively. Or, they are confdident they will be able to take care of the issue by themselves; hence no need to talk about it. Ignoring impediments even for a single day can cost dearly. Mature teams are able to handle impediments effectively as compared to new teams. New teams struggle to acknowledge the nature of impediments and how to manage them.

In this session, we will see how we help new teams overcome these difficulties.

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