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Create a STEP towards Agility by MAPS

Today, most of the organizations are moving towards Agile as the benefits are being realized. Though Agile awareness and values are known to the Senior Management and Sponsors, the adaptability path has always been a challenge. In addition, the starting point of moving to Agile also has been an area of concern. Unless we measure and analyze the adaptability, climbing upwards and maturing towards Agility becomes a challenge irrespective of any Agile methodology that we follow.

“STEP” as it means a layer to move upwards (S – Small Releases; T – Team; E – Engineering; P- Process Improvement). “MAPS” (M – Mindset; A – Automation; P- Process; S – Simple Design) to locate the path of Agility at each level of the STEP.


This is not an assessment, but a roadmap to mature in terms of Agility. The below table is a sample STEP. We may collectively agree on what we intend to implement at each stage of Maturity level.
steps table

** Green color code represents the change in the STEP at every stage

Move up the STEP of Ladder of Agile, Realize Value and get Satisfied!!

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  1. Wonderful matrix really helpful.

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