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Meet Sriharsha, our first CSP from DAD Pune

Discussagile: What was your first reaction when you received confirmation on your CSP?

Sriharsha: Elated, Excited and Satisfying. I was excited and happy to receive the confirmation from Scrum Alliance as I was moving an inch closer and deeper into a big ocean of Agile.

Discussagile: What motivated you to complete this certificate?

Sriharsha: The whole concept of Agile blew me away a few years ago when I heard it for the first time. The faster turnaround is the key in today’s world. When that key has such a strong background and manifestos supporting it, it’s an icing on the cake. This motivated me to go higher and higher in Agile world.

Discussagile: How did you find the support from discussagile and izenbridge?

Sriharsha: The support from Discussagile and Izenbridge was commendable. My agile journey started six years ago and since then Izenbridge has been my support all the way. I was too very keen to attend the conferences arranged by Izenbridge and other Scrum supported communities. I have to mention Saket’s contribution in providing me guidance at the right time was extraordinary and I believe he continues to guide me further too. Giridhar Saran from Izenbridge again was extremely courteous in letting me know how to claim a few SEUs to complete my CSP journey.

Discussagile: What would you recommend fellow attendees who are still in the process?

Sriharsha: More than just accumulating the SEUs, it becomes very important to understand Agile, the benefits one can reap from it and its advantages. Hence, whoever is in the process of becoming a CSP, get involved. Be a part of more or more webinars, scrum activity events. This way you get benefited by the people around you with enriching learning experience and you share your knowledge in Agile with them too.

Discussagile: Did scrum alliance raise any issue related to your experience?

Sriharsha: No questions were raised with respect to my experience. It was a breeze through.

Discussagile: Did they ask for any clarification on the SEUs you claimed? if yes, what was the nature of queries?

Sriharsha: Yes. There was a clarification on wrong classification of SEU category.

Discussagile: How you think this certificate would add value to your career?

Sriharsha: Well, as said, I personally wanted this certification to prove myself that I am one step closer and deeper into the Agile Ocean. This is just the beginning. I am yet to swim a lot and learn a lot here. All the best for all the CSP aspirants!!!

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  1. Very motivating. Getting involved in the process of accumulation of the SEUs is very well said. I think I will take this process a little more seriously now. Thank you Sriharsha

  2. Kudos Sriharsha. Great effort, Hope you motivate other people to take this plunge!

  3. Shriharsha rocks 🙂

  4. congratulations !

  5. Good going Harsha!!

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