Glimpse of DISCUSSAGILE DAY Hyderabad 2016 – Discuss Agile

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Glimpse of DISCUSSAGILE DAY Hyderabad 2016

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Time to say goodbye to 2016!! A wonderful year with some wonderful events has come to an end.

After the great success of Discuss Agile conferences in Bangalore, Jakarta and Delhi, It was time to organize our annual day events in Hyderabad and Pune.

When I announced the series of conferences in the beginning of the year 2016 somewhere I was worried about how this all going to happen, and when I look back I find all events went well and I can say the journey of 1000 miles begin with first step!

Discuss Agile Day Hyderabad took place on November 26, 2016 at Hotel Novotel HITEC City. This was my second visit to this city, last time I explored the city but this time I was exploring only the conference venues. The event congregated 120+ delegates from both agile and non-agile industries. There were 2 Keynote sessions and 15 track sessions running in 3 parallel tracks. The event gave me opportunity to connect back with old friends Deepak, Madhavi, Arshiya, Farhath, Vivek, Jayanthi and many more 🙂

Keynote speakers for the day were Saket Bansal, the founder of Discuss Agile Network, and Tathagat Varma, founder and CEO of Thought leadership. Few of the other speakers were Deepak Gururaja and Madhavi Ledalla from SolutionsIQ India, Sanjay Kumar from iZenBridge, Arshiya Sultana from Salesforce, Sridharan Vembu from Thoughtworks, Sathyavada Kalyan from PMI and Krishnamurty Pammi from Ivy Comptech.

Keynote speaker Saket Bansal presented a very interesting session, “Agile Cocktail for Project Managers”, where he addressed he changes in a leader’s role while working with agile. He described how the mixture of predictive life cycle planning and monitoring approach AND adaptive life cycle execution creates a deadly cocktail 🙂 saket-bansal
Tathagat_Verma Our next keynote speaker Tathagat Varma, had a discussion on “Nature Agile”, which included a deeper understanding of agile philosophy and a metaprocess, which will help practitioners build a much more pragmatic view of how to establish agility from the first principles.

Delegates participated very interactively, some of the most favoured discussion were on Agile Coaching, Agile Transformation, Kanban etc.

Along with learning and knowledge sharing, we had so many fun activities as well. Games and quizzes were there. At the closing ceremony of the event we announced the results and the winners were awarded with lots of surprize gift and prizes!!

Beside other sponsors (iZenBridge, PMI, Scrum Alliance, Lean Kanban University, Disciplined Agile Consortium) we were lucky to have sponsorship also from SolutionsIQ India and I was happier to have Antara during the conference, since both of us belong from same area of India we could talk in our local language 🙂 I must say SolutionsIQ team is very lively team to work with.

Although I had to manage the show end to end, but I must say, it wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of the organizing team members, they have done a fabulous job indeed!!

Overall, it was a great experience for me. I got opportunity to connect with many new people and learned new ideas to make my upcoming conferences more vibrant and innovative. Compared to last year, the event was more mature and more interactive. I must say, agile community in Hyderabad is growing, and I am looking forward to our next conference in this city. Hyderabad, see you again in 2017!!

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