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DevOps Simplified

In the world of Agile Software development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery have been creating several challenges for Developers and Operations since the very beginning. The list of challenges is huge; however, let’s have a look on some of the challenges – Each increment in software p...Read More

OPERA – An Agile Transformation Framework

Today we are sailing in the journey of transforming ourselves from our Traditional frameworks to Agile (Scrum, XP, Kanban, Hybrids, and Scaling Frameworks). Since any Agile Framework has a collaborative approach with Customer, the transformation approach depends on the Customer, People, Processes an...Read More

Discussagile Conferences in Year 2016

Wish you all a great 2016 ahead!! The year 2015 was a great combination of learning and networking. We did many online and offline events, among which there were 3 conferences with huge success. Delhi2015 was held on 13th – 14th June 2015 and Discuss Agile Day Hyderabad and Discuss Agile Day P...Read More

Meet Sayi Sarat Chandra CSP from DAD Hyderabad

Discussagile: What was your first reaction when you received confirmation on your CSP? Sayi Sarat Chandra: It was really great to see the confirmation from Scrum alliance. I was told it will take about 3 weeks but happy to see that happen in just 2 weeks time. I had given my best to get my CSP by co...Read More

Meet Sriharsha, our first CSP from DAD Pune

Discussagile: What was your first reaction when you received confirmation on your CSP? Sriharsha: Elated, Excited and Satisfying. I was excited and happy to receive the confirmation from Scrum Alliance as I was moving an inch closer and deeper into a big ocean of Agile. Discussagile: What motivated ...Read More

Dependency Management in Scrum

Overview Dependencies are relationships between functional units and tasks which drive the sequence of functional flow of execution. There are several programs with external dependencies as well. Dependencies, if not handled the right way, leads to chaos and blockers during execution of the end prod...Read More

Agile Innovation Games – Where New Ideas Emerge!

Humans love Games and Agile is all about people!. Any problem situation or analysis can be easily worked out in fun way when it is interactive and competitive. That’s what Agile Innovation Games is all about. So let’s play! Generating new ideas is always a challenging process! And even more difficul...Read More

Meeting the Challenges of Agile Principles

It is common sense that impediments slow down the progress of an agile team, yet it is not uncommon team members don’t report any impediments during the daily scrum. How many times you have seen this happening? Almost every day, right? ‘The hardware or environment is not available’, ‘the build...Read More

Practices to execute constructive Sprint Reviews

One of the many frequent questions I usually get asked is – Why Agile? What are its benefits? Although, the answer to this question can lead to a never ending debate, I like to begin my answer with – Agile helps improve quality. How you ask? Let me explain. Software Quality reflects how ...Read More

Agile Estimation and Conflict Resolution

These days, the IT market is so volatile that we can’t hold our ideas for long. If you have a good idea, better start working on it today. Besides timing, the other important thing is Adaptive Planning – start with bare minimum and make your project evolve over time. And, agile estimation is a...Read More

Active Product Management

Many Organizations over the past few years have embraced agile and have experienced good results. But, even after a successful transition to agile, organizations that are into development of very complex and huge products – often involving multiple teams – still face difficulty in releas...Read More

Can you really be Agile without XP practices?

Keeping with the tradition of discuss agile meet-ups, Sanjay, the host, welcomed the participants and it began with the introduction of all the participants. The overall agenda was to understand how XP (eXtreme Programming) practices help in becoming and being Agile by identifying the benefits of XP...Read More

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