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Sharing of Kanban/Scrumban practices

Discuss Agile scrum user community organized a meet up to discuss and share Kanban practices. It all began with the host, Saket, welcoming the participants and providing an overview of the topic. The three teams (of 5-7 members each) right away dived in to writing down the Kanban practices in their ...Read More

Meet-up on Agile Implementation and Learning: Daily Scrum

This meet-up was focused on addressing the challenges commonly faced during Daily Scrum meetings. Though it looks like a small topic, once the discussions started, a lot of challenges were uncovered. Discussions led to identifying the underlying reasons of why those challenges occur and what the pot...Read More

Meetup on Agile Coaching

On first of May 2015, I along with few of my friends from CSM batch attended the Agile coaching meet-up organized by Discuss Agile group and was hosted by SekharBurra It was a great interactive discussion at Coffee Day Mindspace, which lasted for around 2 hours. Sekhar is a Certified Scrum Coach (th...Read More

Agile Coffee Meet-up (Pune) – “Agile Metrics (part 2)”

Some really great discussion around Velocity, Story Points and estimation. Some exchange of views around the (in)effectiveness of Story Points and Velocity. Some insights around the flow-based metrics like Feature Time, which are preferred over Velocity in some cases. Lots of arguments and debate ar...Read More

Experts Interview Series: Talking with Sunil on Role of an Agile Consultant

In our recent expert interview we invited Sunil Mundra, working with Thoughtworks as an Agile Evangelist, with extensive experience in consulting with organizations on the path of Agile Adoption/Transformation. We selected a topic around role of agile consultant for Sunil because Sunil himself works...Read More

Discuss Agile Conference Delhi 2015: Speakers and Organizers Meetup

A meet-up of all local speakers as well as organizers of Discuss Agile Conference (DAC)-Delhi 2015 was held at Star City Mall, Mayur Vihar, Delhi on 12th April 2015. The main agenda of the meet-up was to understand the need of the conference and discuss the roadmap. Speakers shared their topics and ...Read More

TDD – The Discipline of Better Coding

“A team of smart committed individuals will almost always deliver working software,” someone shared this piece of wisdom with me long ago. While there is good amount of truth in this statement, especially regarding the ‘working’ part, I have often wondered if that working software will be maintainab...Read More

Meetup on Agile Metrics – Pune

Saturday the 18th April 2015 was a day full of meetups and discussing Agile in various forums. I switched role between a participant and a host during the day. In either case, it was ultimately serving the same objective, that is keep on sharing and learning. “Agile metrics”! This is certainly one o...Read More

Agile Group Meetup in Delhi

If you have browsed through software jobs on a job portal recently, there would be little doubt that Indian software industry has decided to embrace Agile development processes with arms wide open. Software companies of all sizes are looking for professionals with Agile experience, and being a certi...Read More

Meetup on Agile Implementation in Bangalore

It was my first meeting. I was curious but one question still back of mind “Is it worth to go all the way from North Bangalore to South that too on Friday evening”? Well I had already made my mind to attend as last seminar on SAFe introduction was useful and met lot of good and passionate people wor...Read More

Scaling Agile Meetup in Pune

I recently held a meet-up to discuss about the challenges on Scaling Agile and what options we have to overcome these challenges. There was a wide range of Agile experience in the forum – from beginners to highly experienced Agile folks. It’s always good to have fresh legs as well as some grey hair ...Read More

An Introductory SAFe Agilist Certification workshop, Bangalore

We had a wonderful experience delivering SAFe Workshop in Delhi. It was great to see such different professionals joining us and participating full sing. We are really grateful for making it such a success. Eventually we have been receiving quite a demand for SAFe Bangalore from our friends out ther...Read More

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