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Meet Sayi Sarat Chandra CSP from DAD Hyderabad

Discussagile: What was your first reaction when you received confirmation on your CSP?

Sayi Sarat Chandra: It was really great to see the confirmation from Scrum alliance. I was told it will take about 3 weeks but happy to see that happen in just 2 weeks time. I had given my best to get my CSP by covering all the Categories with 88 SEU’s

Discussagile: What motivated you to complete this certificate?

Sayi Sarat Chandra: Main thing I liked about CSP is getting SEU’s in various categories. This is not just attending a training for 2 days but also involving myself in the Co-training, Contributing articles to scrum alliance in various topics, Voluteering for the community and doing trainings outside scrum alliance like SAFe, PMI-ACP etc. Having a combination of all the categories from CAT A to CAT F is something different and I liked the way I was completing it one by one

Discussagile: How did you find the support from discussagile and izenbridge?

Sayi Sarat Chandra: I happen to attend the Meetup in Hyderabad by the IzenBridge and its very well organized. There were different topics happening in three different tracks and we could choose which of these would help suit better for us and learn. Not just learning but got a chance to meet the experts who are already CSP’s and also CST too. These gathering will really help network well. After this is done , I have submitted my CSP application.

Discussagile: What would you recommend fellow attendees who are still in the process?

Sayi Sarat Chandra: Becoming a CSP is one side of the coin, but most importantly the process followed in becoming the CSP is very important. I did my CSPO in the month of May 2015 and then I started working towards attending various webinars, meetups, participating in the user groups, learning how organizations are using agile at their end. Challenges and best practices is something I could gain a lot. Most importantly, liked the journey from doing CSM, CSPO and then aiming for CSP – The road i followed is really amazing and I would encourage each and everyone to get the best out agile/ scrum which will help achieve your CSP.

Discussagile: Did scrum alliance raise any issue related to your experience?

Sayi Sarat Chandra: No questions were raised by Scrum alliance. Happy to see that my application was approved in just 2 weeks time. The way we put our experience and the learnings while submitting the CSP application matters a lot. Its all about how well we articulate our thoughts and putting there.

Discussagile: Did they ask for any clarification on the SEUs you claimed? if yes, what was the nature of queries?

Sayi Sarat Chandra: Absolutely not. I have taken time in filling the application and reviewed it again.We need to ensure that everything that is updated in the website need to be written in detail. No questions / clarifications asked when this is met.

Discussagile: How you think this certificate would add value to your career?

Sayi Sarat Chandra: CSP is definetly a value add in your career. Organizations these days are looking for more and more scrum professionals. The reason being Organizations are looking for people who are focussing more on people who can respond to change and get the best out of the teams they are working. Once we have met all the categories, it will bring a different dimesnion and a person in you altogether. The learning that I take back is really amazing. Its all about gaining and sharing knowledge which I personally believe. Also I work on the principle of being Self motivated and self driven. These are the primarily qualities that help in reaching heights in your respective careers.

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