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Sharing of Kanban/Scrumban practices

Discuss Agile scrum user community organized a meet up to discuss and share Kanban practices.

It all began with the host, Saket, welcoming the participants and providing an overview of the topic. The three teams (of 5-7 members each) right away dived in to writing down the Kanban practices in their respective organizations. The outcome of this group activity was supposed to identify questions on the use of Kanban, obstacles in implementing Kanban to name a few.

Kanban Meetup

After about 15-20 mins, each team was invited to present the Kanban practice and the associated positives and negatives. Of the three teams, my team came up with a Kanban board that had more than 10 columns. During this presentation, questions on whether business and technical work items must be visualized on a single Kanban board enabled participants to think and address the advantages of doing so.

Kanban Board 2 Kanban Board

Another point of great discussion was what happens when a work item remains blocked at a certain stage? The effects of such a blocker on the WIP limit attracted different view points. Finally, the discussions identified that the blockers must be tracked separately (add a buffer) in order to let the team pull some other work item OR the WIP limit be increased so that team can pick another work item.

Here are some of the other questions that Saket addressed during the session:

  1. What are the metrics measured in Kanban? What is cycle and throughput?
  2. How does one prioritize work items in Kanban?
  3. How does one plan the work items to be defined/added to the Kanban board?
  4. Why don’t we use Scrum instead of Kanban?

In keeping with the theme, the entire discussion of open questions, prioritized by those present collectively, was visually mapped on a Kanban board! Overall, it was an engaging session that provided an opportunity for the participants to go back with an increased level of Kanban awareness.

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  1. Thanks for covering the event nicely and also thanks for very active participation during the session.

    • My pleasure! Hope to keep up the participation.

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