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Vamsi’s experience at the Regional Scrum Gathering Hyderabad 2019

Why should I share?

I had an amazing experience that is unique to me and therefore those opinions and thoughts cannot be found anywhere else in the same way.

The Good

It was a great experience attending the Regional Scrum Gathering 2019 at Hyderabad. A lot to share from the enriching experience so I will attempt to cover as much as I can along with my favourite take away’s. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2-day event where I met many Agile enthusiasts and experts from diverse locations. A few talks which I attended were very informative and insightful.

The Honest

Initially when the agenda was shared I did not expect the scale of this event and it bowled me. The best part of the event was deciding the open space sessions format late and the result was amazing as all of us were self-organizing. I was honored to be a speaker at the open space where I spoke about ‘Customer Experience Maturity Index (CXMI)’ and ‘Customer Delight’. I am also glad to share that I got many requests to share the artifacts after my talk.


Wonderful opportunity, had a talk with these inspirational personalities & also got pics.

  • Sangeeta Sindhi Bahl – I was ecstatic meeting the oldest Indian woman to have scaled the world’s tallest mountain peak i.e. Mount Everest. She talked about ‘personal Agility’.
  • Pete Deemer – well-known figure in Agile community with 25+ years of experience. In key note speech, he amazingly linked Agile, Rajinikanth & Inspection & Adaption.

Key take away’s

  • Understood ‘GROW’ coaching model practically.
  • Changes that are required to appraisal system in Agile organizations.
  • Personal Agility.


I would like to express my heart-felt thanks to all organizers who have made this gathering possible and kudos to all those who have presented their talks and shared their experiences. I have benefited very much from this fantastic event.

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