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On the behalf of Discuss Agile Community we invite you to join us for Discuss Agile Day 2020 in Bangalore.

Bangalore is home to the country’s IT hub with some of the best international and domestic technology companies and with rise of new digital startups,Indian IT companies delivery model are disrupting.IT companies have to expedite their work process to show clients faster results.IT companies always need to be agile to survive in a fast-changing world.

Here comes agile in the picture.As it is a more of collaborative approach. Work is incremental and the focus is on rapid delivery. The client is involved throughout the project development stage.

Moving to an agile way of working also requires IT companies to change how they look at future.Well Agile sounds great in theory, with it’s vision to accelerate development and foster collaboration among team members.Execution and Implementation of Agile methodologies requires correct approach.

That’s what our Discuss Agile Day is for. Come join us for Discuss Agile Day happening in Bangalore on 6th June 2020.

It’s a common platform for all Agile enthusiasts which provides an opportunity to present case studies, share your experience and knowledge of Agile Transformation. It would be great if you come up with your own case studies and share your experience of agile way of working.

Whether you’re a software engineer, IT operations professional, architect, developer, Technical Lead, Agile Practitioner or business stakeholder, you’ll find something in the Discuss Agile Day for you.

Discuss Agile Day

Discuss Agile Day is an one day event of like-minded Agile practitioners, trainers, coaches, and enthusiasts. The program provides an opportunity to gain knowledge through workshops and presentations that cater to various levels, from beginners, through intermediate, and on to the expert. Theme of the Conference would be Scaling, Agile Coaching, Mindset & culture.

Discuss Agile Day is a gathering which is organized by Discuss Agile & sponsored by iZenBridge Consultancy.. for all Agile practitioners & IT professionals.

Discuss Agile Network

Discuss Agile Network is an initiative to connect Lean, Agile and Scrum practitioners so that they can share their experiences and take their knowledge and skills to the next level.

This platform provides an opportunity to present case study, write blogs and conduct Webinars, Conferences, Meetups on Lean, Agile and Scrum. Here, people help each other in learning Agile and gives them an opportunity to express, share their knowledge and learn more about Agile.
Discuss Agile is a Scrum Alliance User Group and is among the most popular Agile communities in India, dedicated to promote scrum and agile practices and the best part of it all, it is a non-profit group.
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We invite you to join us for  Discuss Agile Day in Delhi and submit your sessions!

Please note that the proposals need to meet some minimum requirements as listed below to qualify for program committee feedback

  • Reasonable Outline/Structure for the session
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Basic speaker’s profile (LinkedIn or personal website)
  • Target Audience
  • Links to your previous speaking history (if you have)

We recommend including at least one of:
* Slides
* video (past or 2 mins trailer of the session recorded using a phone, google hangout, etc.)
* mind map

Your goal is to include enough information about what you will present and how you will present it that we can judge your proposal quickly (and positively)!

**Responding to feedback from review team- Please respond to comments from the review team promptly. If it will take you more than a few days to respond, please let the team know that you are working on it and when they expect an answer. Please understand that not responding to comments can be a reason to decline your proposal.

Kindly check your proposal to ensure that you have answered any open comments. Thank you!


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