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Discuss Agile Fundamentals – A Meetup for Agile Minds!

In another endeavor of learning and knowledge sharing, members of Discuss Agile Network gathered to discuss about agile. The Meetup was held at YMCA Delhi on Saturday, 27th September, 2014, 10 am to 1 pm. I facilitated the event as a master of ceremony and introduced our esteemed speakers and guests to all the attendees.


Many agile practitioners and aspirants participated in the discussion, while experienced speakers Anurag Deepak, Dhananjay Kumar, Deepti Jain shared their agile knowledge and ideas.

Atulya, a representative of Discuss Agile Network Leadership team commenced the session with a brief introduction of the group.

Our first speaker, Mr. Anurag Deepak gave an overview of Agile Fundamentals, where he spoke about Principles of Agile, Agile Manifesto, Values of Scrum, Scrum Framework, Roles and Artifacts of Scrum.

Members participated interactively, the most favored discussion was on Agile Principle -“Simplicity- Art of maximizing the amount of work not done” where participants got up with the diverse range of opinions. Simplicity here, implies the importance of prioritizing “Must Have” features as 60% of features are not utilized by end users. Therefore, it is an art to prioritize features to get maximum value.

Later a short tea break, the second half of the Meetup begins with the discussion on Task Board with Mr. Dhananjay Kumar. In his talk, he explained how the task board can be managed during sprint with the help of Burndown and Burnup charts (Burndown chart: X axis- Days, Y axis – remaining hours / Story points / Tasks). Participants were keen to know more about how Burnup and Burndown can solve the problem of interruptions from stakeholders, as they need project status. Participants interacted how these charts introduce transparency and  how do they differ from one another.

We had one other speaker with us Ms. Deepti Jain. She talked about the “JIRA Agile for scrum projects”, where she elaborated how industry is using this JIRA Agile for managing their Scrum Project backlogs, estimations and tracking.

Hot discussion of this session was about to know what we can do in plan view and what we can do in work view. And what things we need to take care in each view.

At the end of the Meetup, Seema Sonkiya, a project management specialist and Business Analysis Head of iZenBridge Consultancy Pvt Ltd, resolved the queries of participants regarding the various Project Management and Scrum certifications.

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  1. I missed this event, thank you for posting blog and pics , lets build the vibrant learning community

  2. I thank iZenbridge to give me this opportunity for learning and sharing

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