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First Day of Sprint

This article has been written based on real, enriched and diverse scrum experience. Although project name and others has been changed for not violating the privacy.

There are 16 scrum teams working for online shopping site. The name of scrum team 1 is “Titans” having cross functional team of 8 developers. There are 5 java expert, 2 testers and 1 business analyst in “Titans” scrum team. Every sprint is of 2 weeks. In every month there are of 2 sprints 1-15 & 16-last day of month (30/31). Here I will explain how team spends first day of sprint.

First day of Sprint 5 – Tue, 16-Sep-2014

Scrum Master facilitates planning meeting of 4 hour time-boxed. The sprint planning meeting is attended by Product Owner (in our case Business Analyst of scrum team), scrum master and the entire scrum team.

Since Product owner sits at London office and team sits at India office, so business analyst and PO interacts frequently over video chat, mail and phone in regard to organize and prioritize the backlog. Team is spending 10% of team effort in backlog grooming in every sprint, as a result at time of sprint planning meeting, team is aware of what are product backlog items that needs to be discussed. At the time of backlog grooming, team asks many questions functionally and this triggers evolution of multiple sprint size stories out of large story.

i)  Product owner (BA) and team collaboratively write the sprint goal in one or two sentence, what they will achieve in sprint 5. They have written sprint goal for sprint 5 as:

a)   Implement online shopping cart add, remove and update functionality

b)  Fix bugs of earlier implemented functionalities.

ii) Team has committed the following list of product backlog items (PBI). Team estimates all committed stories by playing planning poker. In case of difference of opinion, team asks for clarification to business analyst and sometimes it goes into assumption section of user story. Team is using JIRA tool for delivering stories. It has been integrated with svn tool, as a result, anybody can see the progress of story as well.

# JIRA Call # Story Description Story Points
1 ST-101 Add – Shopping Cart 13
2 ST-102 Remove – Shopping Cart 5
3 ST-103 Update-Shopping Cart 8
4 Bug-406 Forgot Password activation should be through mail 3
5 Bug-459 The home page is not proper displaying in IE 7 8
Total Story Points 37

iii) Afterwards, team drill down all above stories into several associated tasks and estimated in hours in the following way:

Table 2

In second half, scrum master along with team updates the task board as following:

Table 3

Team will pick some of the stories and they will apprise of impediment to scrum master, if any in daily scrum meeting. On the very first day daily scrum meeting may skip or happen late after updating the task board based on team’s agreement.
Next day and onwards, daily scrum meeting will happen at 9:15 am in front of the task board.

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