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    Nitin Rawat

    A very useful and handy tool which can be used for brain-storming, retrospective, idea generation etc.

    This tool help to generate great idea from a mixed team of introverts and extroverts without conflicts.

    I can walk through how i have implemented this in my team as well as spread across organization as very efficient way to solve many problems.

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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you for your proposal, we usually do not accept tool demo as a talk, you can present talk of way of problem solving and may introduce how some tools can help, when talking about tool it will be strongly recommended that you offer more than one tool option. The talk should not be tool promotion talk.

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    Nitin Rawat

    Hi Saket,

    I think tool in till context i meant to be the method which can be use for problem solving and yes as you said i can present a talk the way you suggested. And yes I can include few more tools for problem solving.

    Let me know if that sound fine with you.

    Nitin Rawat

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    Saket Bansal

    ok, please structure the talk according to new way, where you share problem solving tools, we will be happy to have you as speaker once we get bit better structure of your talk.

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