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Improved Agility with #NoEstimates

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    Avinash Rao

    A dangerous Scrum anti-pattern is making the rounds, and it goes by many names – Water-Scrum-Fall, Mini-Waterfall-ing, Iterative-Waterfall. A serious impediment to Agility, this anti-pattern is the cause of several Agile transformations that look Agile, but fail to deliver Agility and Transformation.

    Underlying Water-Scrum-Fall is a reality: many customers do not want to move away from some of the more traditional constructs that prevent Scrum from being successful. The other factor is that several clients trying to solve a throughput problem, and not necessarily a feature or need discovery problem that Scrum is an ideal fit for (among other benefits).
    So, what do we do? Do we refuse to work with such customers? Or are there techniques we can use to help velocity oriented clients succeed, while helping them along the path of Agility?

    This session shows how the #NoEstimates approach can help with the key questions clients are asking, which fundamentally lead of Water-Scrum-Fall.
    1. I have a traditional fixed scope budget, but want to increase visibility and improve success using Agile.
    2. I want to run a fixed price Agile project (WHAT!)
    3. I want Agility, but my people are giving me Scrum.
    4. You are not efficient because the story ‘rocks’ are of different sizes, and there is wasted time in a Scrum.

    We will show cases for each, and how the clients were able to progress on the path of Agility using #NoEstimates. Participants will benefit from an understanding of this approach, which will help them effectively deliver Agility in less than ideal circumstances.

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