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Pivoting to Agile Leadership Through Decision-making

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    Feeling in control when moving from traditional management thinking to being more agile as a responsible leader starts with decision-making. Your mind must move from perceiving change as a threat, to seeing change as a challenge. The switch calls for a more advanced set of skills than required when your task is to tell people what to do. Learn what these skills are and how to apply them to decision-making and leadership.

    Dawna Jones is the author of Decision Making for Dummies, on Steve Denning’s list of 8 noteworthy books for 2014. Dawna delivers transformational insights on decision-making and leadership consciousness to make leaps in transformation personally and organizationally. She has presented to the Scrum Alliance at a webinar hosted by Steve Denning on Using the Tension Between Management and Agile to Close the Gap. http://www.frominsighttoaction.com

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