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System Driven Transformation (SDT) – Systemic approach to agile Transformation!

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    Working with teams and organizations over several years, we would often hear comments like “Agile doesn’t work for us”, “Agile is good in theory not in practice”. These responses left us wondering what was really happening and led us to what we think are critical missing links. Firstly, implementation of Agile seems very mechanistic and lacking “a systemic view”. Secondly, frameworks (scrum, Kanban, safe etc) seem to be driving the transformation and have become the face (definition) of Agile.
    We addressed some of these challenges in our work as Agile coaches and this session is to share our approach that emerged from those learnings. “System Driven Transformation (SDT)” is our approach – it is not another framework, rather it’s a thinking approach like TDD (it’s a way we approach coding).
    This workshop will help you understand SDT to start looking at Agile with a systemic lens based on the philosophy “Framework Agnostic Agile”. The philosophy is to honour the values of Agile Manifesto ( and be driven by that rather than the frameworks. The workshop will help you reflect on missing links in your own systems.
    System Driven Transformation (SDT) approach to Agile keeps centre stage the need/s of the system* that is seeking change. System can be the smallest team which is implementing Agile or the wider organisation seeking change.

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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you for your talk proposal, and system driven transformation looks interesting. please share two information

    1. Structure of the talk, which gives us an idea of your talk plan, with time distibution
    2. Some clarity on take away, what an participant will learn by attending this talk.

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