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    Sakshi Mahajan

    With Teams adopting Scrum, Teams churn out code very fast. There is not separate time left for manually testing what we are building, forget testing what we built in the past.
    Time to Change!

      Devs & QA should now work together as one team.
      Start focussing on Automation
      Follow XP Practices like TDD, ATDD & Exploratory testing.
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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you, and i am sure Piyali is working with you to schedule the same. few things if you share in advance can help us.

    1. Key take away for the attendee, primarily it should answer “what i will learn in one hour ?”
    2. Once we know that the answer of first, second “How are you going to make that possible? “, may be you share the structure of the talk.

    This time we need lots of Polls, we can do them in advance here.

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    Sakshi Mahajan

    Hi Saket
    1. The attendee will learn that how including XP practices along with scrum can help them guarantee quality.
    2. I can share the structure in a day or two.

    I agree with the polls, it keeps people involved. I will share a list of polls we can add too…

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    Sakshi Mahajan

    Here is the Agenda

      Common Challenge in Agile teams
      Team Mindset
      Testing Triangle
      Some XP Practices
      Exploratory Testing

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