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The Journey – ScrumMaster to Agile Coach

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    Ever wonder why so many professional sports players do not become coaches?
    For one, being a player and a coach are two very distinct roles. Second, a player is usually specialized in one aspect of the game, offense, defense, baller or batter. Where as a coach has a more systemic view of the whole. Scrum is currently the most popular agile methodology in the ‘agile world’ today but it is only one aspect of what agile software development has to offer.
    So what does it really take to be an agile coach?
    In this participative talk we’ll explore the often forgotten facets of becoming an agile coach

    • Agile… it’s an adjective, not a noun! The whole Dave Thomas rant revisited
    • Value based thinking. It’s a matter of principles
    • Trying to fit a square in a circular hole? Does a culture adapt to a method or vice-versa?
    • Listening, it’s a skill! Wait, What?!?!
    • Perspectives… what you don’t see can hurt you as a coach
    • Manifest for agile coaching development. Yes! That’s right! It’s a continuous process!
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    Saket Bansal

    Thank you for your talk, we will add this in our program agenda soon.

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