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Travelogue: Engineer to a Design Thinker

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    Makarand Purohit

    This talk will be a combination of popular and experiential stories to portray the journey of an Engineer (primarily seen as a problem solver) to a Design thinker (someone who frames a challenge and creates an enriching experience for everyone involved). The popular story of Doug Dietz from GE healthcare will be used to set the context. The personal experiential stories will cover the evolution of the organization structure, practices along with status of the 3 important questions (Why, What and How) for teams in pursuit of client delight and the impact of these on the conversations between individuals. The focus of this talk will be more on the attributes and core values of a Design thinker than on the process. The presentation aid to be used for the talk is available at

    Time required:
    30 mins

    Presentation history:
    I did this talk at Agile Gurugram 2017 and a Knowledge management community meetup at Unisys and have received encouraging feedback

    – You don’t need to be a ‘designer’ to be a ‘design thinker’
    – Use design thinking for creating awesome experiences with-in the organization through process innovation.

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